Monday, May 18, 2015

Honestly, I'm the type of person who prioritizes indulging on food, adventures and nature more than joining crazy party scenes. Whenever I travel to other places, I always make sure to research about the destination beforehand so I know how to strategize on squeezing activities in our itinerary for the whole trip. Yes, I really like to be prepared! :)

However, for our third day in Boracay, we had nothing scheduled or planned so we just followed where the current took us..

This was what greeted us early morning when we stepped out of our hotel in Boracay Station 2. Serene and tranquil place + splendid view + excellent weather = perfect equation to de-stress! I'm actually jealous of how chill the sunbathing girl in this photo was.

Nature really is the best backdrop for group photos and selfies! Minutes after we took this, we received a text message inviting us over lunch from the friends that we met through PubCrawl (which I blogged about here).

They treated us at D'Talipapa. What I loved about this place was the fact that you get to buy cheap freshly-caught seafoods in their own little market and have it cooked in the restaurant stalls beside the market. I think I gained 10 pounds after this meal. These guys were sabotaging our diet! :P

A quick dip in the pool after lunch.

We managed to witness the setting of the sun! We actually waited for sunset. Sunset in Boracay (or in any beach) is the most cliche thing that we want to document. Hahaha!

We capped off Day 3 with sincere talks and light drinks in a bar. It was already the end of stay in Bora of our PubCrawl friends so this was our send-off treat to them.

The next morning, which was unfortunately our last day in the paradise of Boracay, we tried Helmet Diving. We rode a motorboat to the helmet diving area.

Helmet diving entails wearing a helmet (obviously) which supplies oxygen so you have enough time to walk on the seafloor and interact with the fishes and corals. I admit it took me long to go down. I'm claustrophobic, meaning I don't like to be in closed spaces, so even though there was oxygen I feel like being suffocated when wearing the helmet :( After 10 minutes of coordinators convincing me that I can do it, I was able to at last. I'm proud I overcame my fear! Hooray!

If you're brave enough, you may take off your helmet like what my friend did here. All for the sake of bragging rights and photo opportunities! :) After the activity, you will be provided with a CD containing your photos and videos underwater and will be taken back to Station 2.

We spent our remaining few hours in the island basking in the sun..

And taking lots of photos..

Until sundown and it was already time to pack our bags and go home.

(c) Photos taken by Nessa Nadal and Camille Sulit

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