Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I always choose comfort over style. And I don't excess-orize. Actually, I don't even accessorize at all except for the usual watch or bracelet, earrings and/or shades or eyeglasses. I have nothing against those who love wearing accessories though. In fact, I admire how they pair accessories to make them look good together. It's just that my personal style is minimalist, maybe? :)

Here are what I wore on our third day in Boracay.

Top: Topshop | Shorts: GRG | Shades: Ferrin + Gruss

The first half of the day were allotted to strolling around all the stations in the island, as well as the markets and restaurants near the area. Since I knew that there will be lots of walking and eating involved, I wore the most comfortable piece of clothing a.k.a. shorts that I brought and matched it with my Michael Jackson top. I also opted for a mini sling bag to keep my valuables safe.

Romper: Forever 21 | Scarf: Michaela (Borrowed from a friend)

After roaming around, we freshened up in our hotel room for a while then we went out again to have dinner and drinks by the beach. I told you I love lace! I wore this lace romper out and paired it with a scarf to avoid looking too plain.

How about you? What's your personal style? :)

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  1. cute look! Awesome blog


  2. The color of the short is stunning!

    Bisous from France,