Thursday, May 14, 2015

As I said in my previous post (here), the last and the highlight of all the activities that we planned for our second day in the island of Boracay is PubCrawl.

If you are very eager to check out the latest happenings in the local bar scene in Boracay, then you should definitely try joining a cycle of PubCrawl. PubCrawl is a bar-hopping event where a group of people who initially do not know each other, in short strangers, will hop (or crawl if you get too drunk in the middle of the event LOL) from one bar or pub destination to another. The main objective of this social event is to "turn strangers into friends". Yes, you read it right. Whether you're a local or foreign tourist, you'll surely meet someone there you could possibly build a lasting friendship with.

Maybe you're thinking now how the PubCrawl crew turns strangers into friends in just a single night. I don't practice spoonfeeding and I don't really want to spoil by giving too much juicy details so I guess it's for me to know and for you to find out when you finally experienced your own PubCrawl. :P

Instead, here are 5 compelling reasons why you must try it for yourself:

1) A shirt which you can DIY. There is no such thing as free lunch but for the PubCrawl crew there is such thing as free shirt. You will be handed a bright yellow top at the start of the event. When worn, this signifies that you're a participant of PubCrawl. You may design or cut your shirt in any way you want to. As for me and my friends, we played safe and just cut our shirts in the basic cuts that we know we could pull off--sleeveless, off-shoulder, cropped and fringed. Besides the shirt, you will also be given a baller and a shot glass with a sling.

2) Trying to be left-handed the whole night. The only rule for the whole event was: do not drink with your right hand. I repeat. Do. Not. Drink. With. Your. Right. Hand. If you get caught breaking the rule, everybody will scream "PubCrawl" and you will be left with no choice but to drink a whole bottle of beer straight! Bottoms up!

3) Lots of booze. And by lots, I mean LOOOTS. What do you expect? You have a free shot in every club the Pubcrawl team will go to. Just present your stub to claim it. Remember to take shots using your left hand or you'll end up getting wasted too early!

4) GAMES. PubCrawl isn't all about drinking and partying. It is also about putting your competitive mode on during games prepared by the captains.. and at the same time, getting to know your teammates better (if you know what I mean).

5) You get to visit 5 various bars and clubs in a span of 4 hours. On our cycle, we went to Epic Bar, Silent Bar, a karaoke bar, a rave bar and another one. Yup, every bar has a different theme from the other. My favorite is the Silent Bar where you need to put on headphones to hear the beat of the music. The only con is you need to remove the headphones if you want to converse with others. I guess you just have to focus on throwing your best dance moves when in Silent Bar. Give your new-found friends a good show by delivering your most <insert appropriate adjective here *wink*> dance number!

When you wake up the morning after with a bad hangover and memories from last night that you don't really want to share with your friends, just remember what they say.. what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay :P

But really, when in Bora, you SHOULD (allcaps for emphasis 'cause you really should) include PubCrawl in your must-try activities. Mind you, it was hailed as the #1 activity in Boracay and in Manila too by TripAdvisor in the year 2013. If that fact still wouldn't convince you to join, then I don't know already what would!

If you'd ask me, I would say that our PubCrawl experience was definitely one for the books! No regrets at all!

All photos are from PubCrawl PH.
BORACAY PUBCRAWL: Website | Facebook

I'm leaving you with a music video of the most played song in all the bars that we've gone to in Bora that time. Any guesses what song that was? Animals by Martin Garrix! If you feel like fist-pumping, better listen to this. :)

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