Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My first legit post is dedicated to my first out-of-Luzon trip with my best college buds. Trivia, this was also my first time to ride an airplane. Yay for so many firsts!

After a very stressful semester at the university, me and my friends decided to reward ourselves with a much-needed vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We booked a 4-day trip to the island of Boracay in Aklan, a province here in the Philippines. In case you didn't know, Boracay is a famous tourist destination because of its white sand beaches. In fact, it already received numerous prestigious awards from travel publications and agencies around the world.

Let me share with you my experience in breathtaking Boracay through photos and stories..

At first, I felt a little cheated because our supposedly 4-day relaxation felt like only 3 since we arrived at almost 5 PM already on our first day in the island. Our first day (or should I say night) was basically spent having dinner at some fast food restaurant and staying at the hotel room for the rest of the night. We opted not to explore the nightlife and just save our strengths for tomorrow's leisure activities.

On our second day, which was our first "official" day, we had activities lined-up!

We went island hopping.

Boats lined up on the shoreline.

The Puka Beach--a testament of why Boracay is renowned for its beaches.

These are the luxury private resorts that can be found off of White Beach.

Our tour guide pointed out that boxing champion Manny Pacquiao a.k.a. PacMan actually owns one private resort here.

Well, this kind of looks like a nose or eyes depending on how you see it.

What animal do you see? Clue: It is a reptile. If you guessed crocodile then you're right! The shape of this island resembles that of a crocodile. It's somewhat scary though when you're on a small boat and you passed by this island. It seems as if there is a giant crocodile out on the ocean.

Doesn't staring at these photos of magnificent sceneries soothe you? These are just SOME of what Boracay has to offer. You must go there yourself to have your own experiences!

We also went snorkelling.

On our way to middle of the ocean to swim with the fishes.

For safety purposes, we were required to put on life vests and goggles (not sunglasses).

Traffic on sea.

Here's a blurry picture of what's down there. Sorry for the low-quality photo. We didn't have an underwater camera so we just bought a Ziplock bag,  put an Iphone in it and used it as our temporary underwater camera.

It was past 12 NN when we finished 2 out of 3 activities for Day 1. So we grabbed a quick lunch to satisfy our hunger and refreshing shakes to quench our thirst.

On our way back to the hotel, we thought that we'd stay a little bit on the shore to just gaze at God's beautiful creations and contemplate about life.

After almost 2 hours of lounging on the beach and playing with the sand, we decided to head back to our hotel and get a power nap before our final activity for the day. Last on our list was to participate in Boracay PubCrawl which I will be blogging about on a separate post.

Our group photo. From L-R: Nessa, Jenny (Me), Claire, Camille and Khina. We are the Bora Babes!

(c) Photos taken by Nessa Nadal & Camille Sulit

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