Sunday, May 24, 2015

Prior to our trip to Davao, I didn't bother asking my sister about our whole itinerary for the first day. But she did tell me we were going to visit a lot of museums and a few parks. So I wore a number that leans a little bit on the formal side because I wanted to look proper in photos taken beside artifacts and paintings inside the museums.

Bag: Sophie Martin | Watch: Baby-G

Top & Skirt: Landmark | Shoes: So! Fab | Shades: Ferrin + Gruss 

Oh boy, was I surprised when we only went to ONE museum and have gone to FOUR parks. My sister had probably interchanged the information she gave me. :( She kept on teasing me that day if I was going to attend a business meeting because of my outfit. 

Look at how contrasting my look and my sister's were! Hahaha! So, guys and girls, the moral lesson here is.. ask about the whole itinerary for the trip and dress appropriately. :)

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