Saturday, May 30, 2015

Half of day 3 seemed somewhat like an extension of day 2. We signed up for white water rafting activity that spanned from 9 AM in the morning to a little after than 3 PM in the afternoon. Yes, it was that long!

An orientation was held right before they sent us to the waters. They taught us the basic survival skills when water rafting--how to properly put on the life vest, how to stay afloat when we get thrown out of the boat and into the water, how to save the people that were kicked out of the boat, how to paddle correctly, and the list goes on and on.

But, fret not, each boat had their own professional water rafting guides :) the guides' responsibility is to keep everyone in their boat safe. Ofcourse, safety should always be the main priority. 

Our guide, named Roy, sometimes intentionally steered our boat to medium rapids.

And.. it was very fun and exciting that we even requested to pass by large rapids!

If you noticed, the water was not white at all. That was because it rained the night before. So the mud from the mountain was washed down to the river.

It was really very tiring to paddle for hours but the experience was all worth the fatigue! :)

We also availed of the other attractions that are offered by the same team that handles the white water rafting activity.

We visited the Butterfly House.

..and Crocodile Park. The park was not limited to crocodiles though. There were also other animals to see like tiger, parrots and many more. :)

A trained performer risking his life LOL. He executed a perfect balancing act!

We also watched a bird show. The show featured a talented monkey and a few smart birds.

The last show was the Tribu K' Mindanawan fire dancing performance.

This girl played with fire while blindfolded :)

End of the spectacular fire dance number. Applause!

After a very exhausting day, we filled our tummies with the delish food specialties of Davao.

Capped off our night with seafood feast. Ahhh! :)

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  1. You look like having so much fun, and the food ouaou, would love to eat...everything ;) ;)

    Bisous from France,


    1. Glad to know the food here in PH appealed to you even though they're very much different from what the French cuisine offers :)